Where to swim and relax in Horehronie under the Low Tatras.

The upcoming days are bringing another heatwave and we have some refreshing tips for your unforgettable summer vacation in central Slovakia.

Krpáčovo lake

Reasons why is the water reservoir Krpáčovo great place in hot weather:

One of the reasons is that the reservoir is located in the middle of forests of the Low Tatras between valleys Vajskovská and Bystrá. The forest is the best natural air conditioning. So leave your book on a blanket and go for a short walk in the shade of trees in the woods around the lake.

Source: horehronie.sk

Near the lake you can have your own picnic or have a meal in the chalet right next to the water, in the buffets around that will remind you the old times, or in the hotel Polianka, which is a short walk from the lake.

At the hotel Polianka you can rent e-bikes and you can take a trip around the lake, to the Tále area or through Vajskovská valley. A stream flows through the valley and cycle path is an asphalt road without car access, what is a great place for trip for families with children. Hotel Polianka also offers a children´s electric bike and trolley bikes for the little ones.

Water reservoir in Tále near The Partizán hotel

Tále and valley Bystrá close to mount Chopok don´t need a special introduction. To get into the water reservoir you will need a region card Horehonie, that can be bought at your accommodation for 2€ and brings you plentiful discounts on products and services in the area. Besides the water and the forests, there is also a rope park Tarzánia, playground, golf court and excellent cuisines for gourmets in the restaurant Tálska Bašta and hotel Partizán.

Source: partizan.sk

River Hron

We would not be local patriots If we did not mention the second-longest river in Slovakia, the symbol of Horehronie.

Rafting the river Hron from village Nemecká is a popular alternative for water activities if you get tired of lying on a blanket. It is a safe trip for families with children, and if you have a dog at home, which is not afraid of water, you can take it with you. There are several places along a stream where you can refresh yourself and jump into the water. On the way, you can also stop in buffets and pubs. If the river level is higher after the rain, the cascades will be a challenge for adventurous characters. Rafting is available every day. For more information about the rafting click here.

Meanders of Kamenistý potok 

The meanders of Kamenistý potok and valley Kamenistá we can find not far from the village called Sihla. Excellent place with a perfect natural climate from the surrounding forests, but without possibility to swim. You can just relax, enjoy the silence and the real sounds and scents of nature or wander through the forest. Here even the wild thyme smells stronger than you are used to. The Meanders are part of the Poľana Protected Landscape Area, but we regularly collect garbage left around together with our guests. So if you will visit this unique place, please act with respect for nature. Thank you.

Swimming pool with salt water

Near Brezno in Zadné Halny you will find a small swimming pool with a salt-water pool and chlorine-free disinfection. The pool water is heated. There is also a buffet and a children’s pool. An excellent alternative to natural bathing for families with small children. Despite being close to the city, surrounded by forest and the river Hron, you will find an oasis here on the hot days.

Source: Aqua Relax Lívia

We might not compare our water activities with the modern water parks, but If you prefer less rush and more relax, you are at the right address. So please take this as a warm invitation for your summer vacay in Horehronie, central Slovakia.


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