Beauties of Slovakia _ There are many places in Slovakia that deserve advertising. Horehronie is a paradise for hiking and cycling.

Digital detox in Klenovské vrchy

Calming yet charming getaway. Digital detox in Klenovské vrchy. Enjoy exceptional atmosphere in the middle of nowhere with outdoor hot tub.
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A day trip to the viaducts

Enjoy this autumn trip with sightseeing, hiking, food and wellness tips in and around Telgárt in central Slovakia.
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STEY Wellness pod Čertovicou

SPA recommendations in central Slovakia

Where to enjoy hotel or private wellness after the hike or during the cold evenings this autumn in central Slovakia.
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food in Horehronie

Where to find delicious food in Horehronie

Tips for places where you can enjoy tasty food in restaurants, local and home made products from Horehronie under the Low Tatras.
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Hot summer days! Where to go?

Where to swim and relax in the southern Low Tatras. Tips for water refreshment during hot summer days in Horehronie area in central Slovakia.
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Caving in Low Tatras

Test your courage and skills in the highest cave in Slovakia. Unique speleotrekking in the south of the Low Tatras.
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Offline holiday in Slovakia

Digital detox in central Slovakia. Offline holiday in unknown locations and experiences not to be found in travel guides.
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Digital detox in Kysuca

Digital detox: the story of a fairytale valley. Off the beaten track and best unplugged holidays in Slovakia.
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Central Slovakia

Horehronie, the region with interesting places in central Slovakia. Your off the beaten track getaway. What to do? Where to go?
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Invitation from Ivana

Why you should travel to Slovakia and what to expect. What is genius loci of this off the beaten track destination.
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