Why you should travel in Slovakia and what to expect.

Most of us are dedicated to the city life. Dealing with deadlines, appointments, hurrying on the everyday basis. Travel in Slovakia besides modern resorts and attractions offers an escape from hectic elements of today´s humankind. It offers places undiscovered yet, non-mass without crowds. A few years back I replaced the rush of the British metropolis with life in a small town of central Slovakia which balance between modern development and countryside´s simplicity. The life here is not always comfortable, although I enjoy it daily. Like a tourist. Loving morning views when I walk my dog, gorgeous sceneries while hiking, cycling or riding a motorbike, people´s hospitality, silence and the most precious – freedom.

The current meaning of exotica got a little different direction, it is full of discovering, exploring and nomad travelers. We look for somewhere unusual and unconventional. Closer to natives. Central Europe is becoming a demanding destination, partly unknown, affordable and safe. These are only a few of many reasons why to travel in Slovakia, the heart of the Old continent.

I could name all the tourist favourites found in such a small area like Unesco sites, caves, ski resorts, technical monuments, thermal and mineral sources, beautiful nature and so on. But what frankly speaks about the destination is the atmosphere.

Spend few days wandering in Muránska plain, which is a true plain, without the presence of civilization. Discover rural villages, keeping their traditions alive, where a grazing flock of domestic animals passes by more often than a bus, grocery shop closes in the afternoon and instead of frothy cappuccino in a fancy coffee shop you get a simple Turkish coffee in an ordinary pub. This is the moment when your real travel in Slovakia begins. Prepare for modest and helpful people and undisturbed locations. I sit on the terrace in the evenings and work. What can I hear? Animals from neighborhood and field crickets. That’s it.


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