Deň s tradíciamiDeň s tradíciami

With the traditions

An interactive trip spent with traditional craftsmanship, folklore and woodworking. Have a great family fun day and explore Slovak culture.

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Stey Ride

Exploratory ride on two wheels across the Horehronie region with picturesque views complemented with an off road experience.

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Ako chutí Horehronie

Taste of the central Slovakia

Gastronomy tour for foodies and travellers who are passionate about tastes of other cuisines. Have you tried to make your own steamed sheep cheese roll before?

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Spa v lese

Spa in the forest

A fantastic experience of the off-road passenger ride to the cottage with private spa. Enjoy the adrenaline ride and relax your body in a secluded outdoor spa.

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Folklórny večer

Folk evening

A party in the Horehronie region has to be in a folk style. Folk evening with a meal, welcome drink, small dance school and live music. Stey tuned!

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Highest cycling point in Slovakia

Launch yourself down the highest cycling trail in Slovakia on e-fatbikes. If you have not become addicted to e-bikes yet, get ready!

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Horehronie na e-biku

E-bike trip

By bicycle against the fast traveling. Discover ecologically with e-bike support. Stey fit and hit the pedals with added power

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Poznávanie tajov prírody

The nature’s hidden secrets

Discover the treasures we are surrounded by. Prepare yourself for a few hours without a mobile signal and just the sound of the wind in the trees.

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Putovanie na huculoch

Horseback wandering

Connect with our mountain horse breed hucul combined with beautiful / unspoilt backcountry and mountain nature provides a perfect digital detox.

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