13. March 2018

STEY: 5-day itinerary for active holidays in central Slovakia

Popular attractions combined with authentic national treasure and hidden places for perfect relax.


Slovak Travel Experience:

  • cycling
  • hiking
  • UNESCO sites
  • workshops and spa in the middle of nowhere…


Shepherds hut visit, forgotten traditional crafts workshop and forestry steam historical railway


  • Shepherds hut visit with an experience of crafting a piece of steamed cheese
  • Yard of local old traditional crafts – demonstration working with looms, feathers, leather and gingerbreads followed by the personal experience of trying chosen crafts
  • Forestry railroad Čierny Hron – historical steam rail ride

Photo by Nora & Jakub

Ebike trip to one of the highest peaks in Low Tatras national park, gastronomy workshop and folklore experience


  • Ebike ride to King´s peak in the second highest mountain range in Slovakia with breathtaking views
  • Experience of folk traditions in the ethnological museum of Bell collection with introducing local specific music instruments
  • Cooking workshop at home hosted style with a local nanny


UNESCO sites


  • Ochtinska aragonite cave – exceptional cave, one of the three sites worldwide with aragonite decoration (the other two are located in Mexico and Argentina)
  • Open-air museum of slovak architecture Vlkolínec, living village with real inhabitants
  • Wooden articular church Hronsek, built only with wooden components, not a single nail

Photo by Ivana

Low Tatras ridge hike


  • Cable car to Mt. Chopok in the biggest mountain resort in Slovakia
  • Easy ridge hike from Mt. Chopok to Mt. Ďumbier, the highest peak of Low Tatras, and back (1,5 hour one way)
  • Cable car from Mt. Chopok


Spa in the forest


  • Fun and adrenaline off-road passenger ride to the mountain hut deep in the forest
  • Outdoor spa session – dry sauna and hot tub, all heated by wood
  • Off-road ride back to civilization

Photo by Nora & Jakub




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STEY: 5-day itinerary for active holidays in central Slovakia

Popular attractions combined with authentic national treasure and hidden places for perfect relax.
cycling · hiking · UNESCO sites · workshops · digital detox

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