Digital Detox – Motorbike Tours - Active Relax and Exploring

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STEY recommendation

Spa in the forest

A fantastic experience of the off-road passenger ride to the cottage with private spa. Enjoy the adrenaline ride and relax your body a secluded outdoor spa.

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Digital Detox

A cottage at the bottom of the mountain, away from the city rush. Digital detox, out of civilization and away from modern technology.

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The nature's hidden secrets

Discover the treasures we are surrounded by. Prepare yourself for a few hours without a mobile signal and just the sound of the wind in the trees.

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The Slovak Spectator: offline holiday in Slovakia

From the very first moment the alarm rings in the morning, we grab our mobile phones, start browsing, calling, replying to messages and e-mails, scrolling down through the social networks.

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Hike and bike from Luton

Hiking and biking in the mountains with a touch of rural lifestyle of central Slovakia · Direct flights London Luton - Poprad Tatry · FREE airport transfer · B&B · e-bike rental

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What you should know about the location

WIEN320 km3 h 30 min
BUDAPEST200 km2 h 15 min
KRAKOW220 km3 h 48 min
BRATISLAVA250 km2 h 40 min
POPRAD80 km1 h 10 min
KOSICE190 km2 h 10 min