Where to go for a trip? Thanks to the historic rides of the Horehron Express Telgárt Loop, many people have experienced this summer, not just families with children.

Digital detox in Klenovské vrchy

Calming yet charming getaway. Digital detox in Klenovské vrchy. Enjoy exceptional atmosphere in the middle of nowhere with outdoor hot tub.
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A day trip to the viaducts

Enjoy this autumn trip with sightseeing, hiking, food and wellness tips in and around Telgárt in central Slovakia.
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STEY Wellness pod Čertovicou

SPA recommendations in central Slovakia

Where to enjoy hotel or private wellness after the hike or during the cold evenings this autumn in central Slovakia.
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Hot summer days! Where to go?

Where to swim and relax in the southern Low Tatras. Tips for water refreshment during hot summer days in Horehronie area in central Slovakia.
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Caving in Low Tatras

Test your courage and skills in the highest cave in Slovakia. Unique speleotrekking in the south of the Low Tatras.
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Travel in Slovakia

Some basics before your first trip to Slovakia. Transportation - accommodation - gastronomy - tips for trips.
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